A Word From Our Pastor

Dear Friends in Christ,

Welcome and thank you for visiting our church’s website.  While you browse our site, you will discover what we are doing in our church: our ministries, activities, concerns and joys in Christ.

As the senior pastor, I want to empower the lay leadership and equip them for our community.  I have a “Team Ministry” concept.  I cooperate with all the members from all three of our congregations and work together for our community.

As God’s people, we should try to live like Christ in this world.  My goal for our ministry is to help the people to have an abundant life in Christ.  I believe this is why God came to earth to have His Son die on the cross for us.  I believe God expects us to live like Christ, who lived an abundant life.  Enjoy your journey through our website.  Peace and Mahalo!


Pastor Lim